The first secret trip to Iraq and SAVAK’S reaction

When the Shah’s officials came to arrest the Imam on the 4thof November 1964 and sent him into exile, they were so worried and frightened that the Imam wasn’t given a chance to speak to his son Sayyid Ahmad. Therefore Ahmad was not informed as to what his duties were in his father’s absence.

Sayyid Ahmad and his friena(right to left)

Sayyid Ahmad tried to find a way to go and see his father. At first, a solution came to his mind. This solution, in his own warm words, was: “I came to Tehran and the Shaheen football team invited me. To be honest I wanted to leave the country with the team and refuse to return with them, but I was not chosen and rightfully so. There were others better than me. Since this plan didn’t work out, I decided to take matters into my own hands and so I secretly left for Iraq via Abadan…”

Early 1966 Sayyid Ahmad traveled with his friend, who was called Kadhim, to Iraq via Abadan. They then went to the holy city of Najaf. SAVAK knew that Sayyid Ahmad wanted to go to Iraq and was ready to stop him leaving the country but Sayyid Ahmad was very secretive and clever, and was able to fool the Shah’s intelligence team.

After completing his studies under the tutelage of his father and his brother, Sayyid Ahmad left Iraq after only five months. The Imam told him his duties and then asked him to go back to Iran to fulfill them. Sayyid Ahmad was caught on the Khosravi border and taken in for questioning. However Sayyid Ahmad was able to trick the intelligence officials and made them doubt as to whether he was the Imam’s son or not. This resulted in his release and so he left for Qom via Kermanshah and Hamadan.

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